Nourishing Harmony Holistic Health Center does not claim to diagnosis, treat, or cure diseases. It is a complimentary holistic wellness center designed to be informative, educative and supportive of establishing a balance of health within body-mind-spirit, through maintenance of health by the correction and prevention of imbalances. Nourishing Harmony Holistic Health Center provides protocols that build immunity introducing healthy habits for improvement of health and helps preventing risk of imbalances associated with conditions such as chronic diseases.  Our focus is to facilitate the body’s natural ability to de-stress, and balance, thus enabling an individual’s natural capacity to self-regulate and self-heal to be enhanced.  


Unlike conventional medicine’s use of pharmaceuticals, holistic protocols are generally without side effects. However, the results one may obtain from following such protocols are not guaranteed, as each person’s condition and constitution are unique.  If you have concerns or before making changes to your diet or lifestyle, please feel free to consult with your primary physician. Nourishing Harmony Holistic Health Center does not handle acute or emergency medical conditions, which should be referred to an appropriate clinic or hospital facility.


The contents of the Nourishing Harmony Holistic Health Center’s website and blog are for educational and informational purposes or to describe Nourishing Harmony Holistic Health Center’s products and services. The web site and its content are not intended to provide medical or other professional health care advice, nor are they intended to be used to diagnose or assess health conditions or to be substituted for professional guidance in treatment. Always seek the counsel of your physician or other qualified health practitioner with any concerns you may have regarding symptoms, a medical condition, or the use of any products.